Sunday, February 25, 2018

Gold Rib Hare's Ear Tute

Gold Rib Hare’s Ear

 The Gold Rib Hare’s Ear, or GRHE, could be one of the most heard of all-purpose nymphs known in fly fishing. It is commonly used and can be tied in natural Hare’s Ear, Dark Hare’s Ear, Olive, Yellow etc.
 This tute is how I tie the Bead Head GRHE. You can use anywhere from a size #10 to a #18 hook. I use a 1x or 2x long hook when I tie with a bead.

Note; There are many ways others tie this nymph. Some use stiffer tail fibers but on a bead head I like to use soft hackle fibers from a gray hen back. I believe this gives a little more movement in the water. Also I use a section of brown speckle turkey tail fibers for the wing pad.
If I tie this without a bead I use a shorter hook length, guard hairs from a Hare’s Mask for a tail and weight the hook shank with lead wire wraps.

Hook; 3906b #12 Mustad
Thread; Camel
Bead; Silver 1/8
Tail; Gray hen back fibers
Rib; Gold flat tinsel
Abdomen; Natural Hare’s Ear with guard hair
Wing Pad; Brown speckled Turkey Tail fibers
Thorax; Natural Hare’s Ear dubbing
Legs; Picked out thorax

1. Bead. Put bead on hook. You might have to crush the hook barb to install bead.

2. Thread base shank bringing the thread to start of bend

3. Tail. Pull off fibers from a hen back soft feather and measure about the length of the hook shank and tie in.
4. Tie on gold tinsel at start of bend. It should be facing over the tail. If you are using two sided tinsel, where one side is silver and other side is gold, tie in with silver side facing up. When you wind the tinsel the gold side will show.

5. Abdomen. Dub abdomen with a taper from the hook bend getting bigger towards the eye of the hook.

5a. Once I get to about a third back from the eye I dub a little dubbing to the bead than bring it back to where I want to tie in the wing pad as shown.

6. Rib. Wind gold tinsel in open wraps over abdomen and tie down in front of tapered body. After tying down I’ll add a little dubbing over the tied down tinsel leveling out the front half of dubbed thorax.

 7. Turkey Fibers. Tie in a section of turkey fibers extending over the abdomen as shown. I tie the wing pad down with shiny side of the fibers facing up. 

8. Thorax. Dub thorax making sure the thorax is bigger around than the abdomen. I dub this a little looser than the abdomen being I’m going to pick out the thorax for legs. 

9. Wing pad. Fold turkey fibers over thorax and tie down behind bead. Trim and whip finish or I use two half hitches.

10. Legs. Using a dubbing needle pick out thorax dubbing from each side of thorax to make legs.

11. Finish. I use a clear coat of nail polish over threads to secure. I have used tying head cement before but have had the beads tarnish so now I use nail polish. Some tiers coat the wing pad with nail polish but I leave it as is.

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  1. DT nice tie could you do a tute on the triple threat you use for steelhead thanks Buzz