Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sucker Spawn (Angora)

Angora Sucker Spawn

 There are a few ways to tie sucker spawn and quite a few materials to tie them with. This is a simple sucker spawn tied with angora yarn. I find the angora absorbs water quickly and gives a nice soft translucent, puffy look, in the water.
  I like to use a 1x or 2x short curved scud hook. For steelhead I use a 1x or 2x strong. Short curved scud hooks are wider gapped than a standard wet/nymph hook which is more effective in hooking a bigger mouthed steelhead IMO.

 I like to start my thread base right behind the hook eye. Hooks are mass produced and there are times I’ve found that the crimp to complete the hook eye isn’t always closed completely which may leave a gap or sharp edge. With a few extra wraps at the hook eye crimp, closes any gaps and covers any sharp edges that might damage thin tippets.

Thread: Red #6
Hook: #14 curved scud. 1x short 2x strong
Body: Three strand Bubblegum Angora Yarn

1. Thread base hook shank

2. Tie angora on hook shaft as shown and bring thread back to bend

3. Make a small loop with angora and tie down in front with three thread wraps. I unravel the strands some without pulling them apart.

4. 2nd loop is a little larger and again tie down with three wraps.

5. 3rd loop is the largest and again use three wraps to secure loop.

6. The next two loops gradually get smaller tying each one down with three wraps each

7. Finish tying off behind hook eye and I always dab head cement on knot.

8. I take two bodkin needles and, at the same time, gently pull the looped strands apart in opposite directions. This will make the sucker spawn wider from side to side.

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