Friday, January 22, 2016

BWO Emerger Tute

BWO Emerger

Hook; Short Curved Scud  #18, #16
Thread; Olive
Bead; Green glass bead
Tail; CDC
Body; Olive thread
Wing; CDC 

 1. Put bead on hook

2. Thread hook shank to bend of hook 

 3. Tail; Tie in short cdc tail at bend. Trim cdc just behind bead. This will put a little bulk in the body.

 4. Body; I wrap over the cdc and shank about three wraps back and forth. Leave thread behind bead.

5. Wing; Tie in cdc back towards tail behind bead.

 I fish this just below the surface with an occasional tug.
This is a killer emerger pattern I've used on Spring Creek during the BWO hatch.

 You can read the story on my blog 2013 March, Spring Creek March or 2015 April, Deadly combination.


  1. What hook is this? Very nice profile and looks to be fairly heavy wire...

    1. I believe i tied this with a 1x short, 1xstrong #500 J Stockard hook. That's what i use now and it looks the same.