Monday, August 22, 2011

Crazy Leg Hopper Tute

hook; #10-#14 2xL or 3xL straight or curved shank hook
thread; tan #6
tail; red feather fibers from pheasant pelt
rib; barred brown stiff saddle hackle feather
body; PMD or yellow dry fly dubbing
underwing; olive swiss straw. (i unravel the straw and cut in half length wise. than i fold it and tie it teepee style.
overwing; deer hair
legs; barred olive, barred green or barred yellow
neck hackle; barred brown
head; deer hair pulled back bullet style

1.tail; make thread base over hook shank and tie in short tail.

2.rib; tie in stiff barred brown saddle hackle feather

3.body; bring thread towards eye and dub body towards tail than beack towards eye leaving about 1/4 the way from eye of hook. this gives the body more bulk.

4.rib; palmer hackle forward leaving plenty of room between winds. trim hackle close to stem leaving nubs

5.underwing; tie in swiss straw. i unraval the swiss straw and cut it length wise. than fold it and tie it in teepee style. round end with scissors.

6. overwing and bullet head; tie in deer hair with tips over hook eye. trim butts.
fold tips back over underwing and tie down creating a neck and bullet head as shown.

7.legs; tie in legs at neck of bullet head on each side. pinch part of leg downward and add head cement at bend to keep from straightening when wet.

8.neck hackle; tie in barred brown hackle and wind around neck twice. tie off.

what the trout see beneath

he'll look good at the next terrestrial club meeting  
beetle, flying ant, letort cricket, barking spider and june bug.


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