Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Latex Caddis Tute

Latex Caddis Tute

Here's one of my favorite caddis nymph ties i use especially for hatchery stocked fish. A lot of fishermen up this way use grubs, (maggots), and this one must imitate them well. The green colored ones, shown after this tute, work well also. I started tying these on straight hooks but i like the the way they look on a curved shank hook better. You will notice i weight the hook as i do on almost all my nymphs. This gives the body some bulk but mostly gets the nymph down quicker and there usually is no need for pinching weight on a light tippet/leader that weakens the tippet/leader.
Hook; Mustad c49s curved caddis
Thread; Brown*
Weight; .010 lead wire
Body; Latex strip
Thorax; Brown rabbit fur*
Tint; Olive green or limepeel prisma color marker (optional)
Note * Use black thread if making thorax out of black fur


I know what you're thinking!!
You can buy the latex finger cots at most pharmacies. unroll one and cut an oval strip (very sharp scissors makes a neater cut). Take the oval strip and cut it at an angle leaving you with pointed ends.
1. Wrap a thread base on the hook and counter wrap lead wire leaving room to tie in latex behind and thorax behind the eye

2. Fold latex strip and tie in at bend with fold down and facing you 

3. Wind folded latex spiraling towards front in even wraps.
4. Tie off latex in front of lead leaving room for thorax

5. Dub thorax with brown rabbit fur
6. Make head with brown thread and whip finish.


Tinting latex caddis with prismacolor marker.
Tint after tying in latex. Start at butt of body and sweep the marker over the body towards the front of fly.

olive green

Limepeel with black thorax

Finished products


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