Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Foam Beetle Tute

It's getting into terrestrial time.
Here's my favorite terrestrial pattern and easy to tie.

  Foam Beetle tute
hook; Mustad 94838 #12 2x short
thread; black 3
shell back; black closed foam 3mm
legs: black hackle palmered 1 gauge shorter than hook gap
body wrap; maroon polycryolin or substitute
head; black closed cell foam

1. Cut 3mm closed foam strip and trim front to a blunt point

2. Thread wrap hook shaft and measure foam strip as shown. leave plenty of room behind eye of hook

3. Tie in foam not too tight as you want bulk in the body. you can tie it down tight at the bend and towards the eye.
3A. Than tie in black hackle

4. tie in polycryolin or body material

5. Wrap or dub body

6. Palmer hackle

7. Fold cell foam

8. Tie in foam strip behind eye tightly and cut foam strip overhang. Leave excess strip over eye

Top view

9B. Whip finish and trim head.
I like to trim the bottom of the hackle tips just short of the hook point. This will prevent the beetle from rolling over.


  Polycryolin material and a few beetles. I tie some with gray and brown bodies also.


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