Friday, February 28, 2020

Nearenuf Dry Tute

Nearenuf Dry Fly Tute

Originated by H.G. ‘TAP’ Tapply 1950’s

Hook; Standard Dry Hook #12-#18
Thread; Gray 8/0
Tail; Two stripped grizzly hackle stems splayed
Wing; Wood Duck flank feather divided
Body; Stripped peacock herl. 2 for size #12 & #14. 1 for #16 & #18
Hackle; 1 Grizzly hackle 1 Ginger hackle
Head; Gray thread

1. Thread base hook shank to hook bend

  2. Tail; Tie in 2 stripped grizzly hackle stems splayed

  3. Wing; Tie in wood duck feather divided and bring thread to hook bend.

4. Body; Strip 2 peacock herls with eraser. Tie in 2 stripped peacock herls at bend. Bring Thread in front of wings.

5. Body wrap; Wind peacock herls to just in front of wings. Trim off excess.

6. Hackle; Tie in 1 Grizzly hackle and 1 Ginger hackle

7. Wind Ginger hackle. 3 Wraps behind wing and 2 wraps in front
8. Wind Grizzly hackle through Ginger hackle and tie down in front of wing.
9. Trim hackle ends and thread head. Varnish Peacock body.

#18 & #16
#12 & #14



  1. And for the finishing touch, turn the fly upside and hold by the hook bend, go in with a small pair of tying scissors and cut a small angle "V" out of the bottom of the hackle. This will facilitate the fly landing right-side up almost every a tripod.....Not too big a "V" or it will land in its head. Test one by dropping it on a table or countertop and no matter how it lands, it should bounce and land again in perfect position. You are Welcome.

    1. If the fly doesn't land correctly I'll trim the hackle even with the hook point which usually works. A stiff tail also helps in letting the fly sit upright.