Monday, May 14, 2018

March Brown Emerger

March Brown Emerger

Hook;     3906B Mustad #12
Thread;    Camel 8/0
Tail;         Pheasant Tail Fibers
Rib;        Brown Thread
Abdomen;    March Brown Dubbing
Wing;    Gray Poly or Lt. Dun Z-Lon. Down wing.
Thorax;     March Brown Dubbing
Head;     Camel 8/0

 I very seldom buy flies. Instead, once I’m on a stream and get to hold or see a Mayfly or Caddis, I tie my imitation myself.
 I was fishing Kettle Creek one day and the trout weren’t coming up for my March Browns but I felt they were hitting emergers instead. I went to the Kettle Creek Tackle Shop to see what Phil had that would imitate a March Brown Emerger. Who else would know Kettle Creek better than Phil? I seen his imitation and bought a few to try out. Needless to say I hammered those trout which were taking emergers.
Here is my interpretation of the March Brown emerger.

1. Thread base hook shank to bend of hook.

2. Tail: Use about 4 strands of Pheasant tail fibers. Length of hook.

3. Rib; Tie in brown thread at bend of hook.

4. Abdomen; Dub abdomen with a shade of March Brown dubbing

5. Rib; Counter wrap brown thread leaving space to tie down wing behind hook as shown.

6. Wing. Tie in wing of either Gray Poly or Lt. Dun Z-Lon. I trim the wing to about half the tail length.

7. Thorax; Dub a thorax over the front part of the wing and thread wrap the head.


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