Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yellow Sally Tute

DT’s Yellow Sally Tute

This is a slow water pattern I use when yellow stoneflies are about.

Hook: 2x long dry #16
Thread: yellow
Tail: yellow feather fibers from a golden pheasant rump
Legs: light Blue Dun hackle feather palmered and trimmed top and bottom
Body: yellow Cryolin or dubbing
Wing: light Blue Dun Hackle
Collar: Light blue dun hackle
Head: yellow dubbing

 1. Thread base hook shank to bend

 2. Strip a cluster of yellow fibers from a golden pheasant rump feather and tie in over bend of hook about ¾ the length of hook.

3. Tie in a light Blue Dun rooster hackle feather at start of bend.

4. Dub body leaving plenty of room behind eye of hook for head and collar. I use yellow Poly Cryolin but any yellow dry fly dubbing will work. Keep body thin.

 5. Palmer hackle feather forward over body keeping even spaces. I trim the hackle top and bottom. Notice the segmentation on the body the hackle stem leaves?

6. Trim to length and secure another light Blue Dun hackle feather over body to the end tips of the tail as shown.
Top view

7. Collar: Secure a Blue dun hackle feather at tie in point of wing hackle. 1x oversize feather should do.

8. Dub a section behind hook eye and wrap hackle feather over and secure. Leave enough room behind hook eye for a dubbed head.

9. Dub a head and whip finish

 I tie a little green stonefly in the same fashion only using a size 2x long #18 dry fly hook



  1. Looks simple and quick to tie and I bet its extremely effective. Always a winning combination in my book.

    1. I tied these up for my son in North Carolina and he whoops up on the trout with these. Kettle Creek, Northern PA, has a good hatch up there also.