Friday, February 12, 2016

Hellgrammite Tute

Murray’s Hellgrammite

This is the best Hellgrammite pattern that I have found that works great for smallmouth bass in rough water and is easy to tie.

Hook; 9672 #8 or #10
Thread; black 6/0
Pincers; 2 black biots split.*Harry Murray’s original pattern calls for rubber pincers. I like the look of biots
Eyes; med. dumbbell on #8, Small dumbbell #10
Tail; 20 strands black ostrich herl
Rib/legs; stiff black saddle hackle
Body; Lrg. Black chenille on #8, Med. Black on #10

 1. Thread base hook shank and bring thread right behind eye of hook.

 2. Pincers; Split biots and secure right behind eye of hook, curved upwards.

 3. Eyes; secure dumbbell eyes to shank leaving room behind eye to make nose. Bring thread to bend of hook.

4. Tail; Secure 20 strands of ostrich herl at bend. Length should be a little longer than hook length. Trim off just behind dumbbell. Bring thread back to bend.

5. Rib/legs; Trim a few fibers off tip of hackle to catch thread when securing to shank. Tie in black hackle at bend of hook.
This will secure the hackle and not let it slip out.

 6. Body; Black chenille tied in at bend. Lay other end over shank, over dumbbell, and secure behind eye of hook.

7. Body; Wrap chenille forward, under dumbbell, and secure behind eye of hook. This Hellgrammite rides hook up and the chenille covers up the dumbbell center shaft. Bring thread behind dumbbell.

8. Legs; Palmer hackle over chenille and tie off behind dumbbell.

9. Nose; Whip finish behind eye of hook.

Nasty looking Hellgrammites.

They catch trout also.

 Here’s a story catching smallmouth bass in the Shenandoah river from my blog at;

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