Friday, July 13, 2012

Badger Spider Tute

Badger Spider Tutorial

 Summer is here and it's time for terrestrial dry flies. Here is a simple spider pattern that is effective when trout aren't that responsive to other summer time patterns. It could be that this is one they never seen before and looks like a meal worth a taste. I like using this with soft casts, onto slow moving water, under overhanging branches or against partially submerged logs near the banks. 

Thread: Black #8
Hook: Short Shank Curved Hook, light wire #14 and #16
Tail: Badger hackle barbs
Hackle: Golden Badger, oversize
Hook size I am tying on is a #14 with #12 hackle.

Golden Badger Hackle

1. Thread base hook shank and tie in a pinch of badger barbs at end of hook shank.

2. Tie in hackle just in front of tail. Bring thread forward behind hook eye leaving space for thread head.

3. Wind hackle forward in close wraps to thread.

4. trim hackle stem and wrap a thread head behind eye.

5. Whip finish and dap some head cement on thread head

Nothing to it and they will catch those bug eating trout

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