Monday, November 14, 2011

Depth Ray Stonefly

This is one of my heavier stonefly patterns I use for steelhead fishing as a dropper. I tie it beneath an unweighted sucker spawn or wet fly to keep the top fly in the midsection of the water column in faster runs. It adds a little flash and color to an ordinary stonefly.

Depth Ray Stone
Hook; 9671 Mustad #12 or #10
Thread; Black # 6
Weight; lead wire wrap .15 or .20
Tail; 2 Brown Goose Biots split
Sides; Fluorescent Depth Ray nylon wool 
Abdomen; 20lb Black Dacron backing
Rib; Tying Thread
Wingcase; Brown Swiss Straw
Thorax; Black Opalescent Estaz
Antennae; Goose biots (optional)
1. Tie in thread base and counterwrap lead wire, starting above hook point on shank, forward towards eye. leave room for thorax.

2. Tie in two goose biot tails seperated by a small dubbing ball.

3. cut a strand of Depth Ray wool and fold. Tie in behind lead wire. If not using lead wire tie in full length of body. This will give a fuller body if not using lead.


4. Tie in Dacron backing leaving thread bobbin towards eye.


5. Wrap Dacron backing in tight wraps towards eye and tie off leaving room for thorax. Bring thread back towards hook bend as shown.

6. Bring loose ends of wool strands along each side of body. Rib with three wraps of black thread making three or more ribs, towards front of fly.


7. Tie in biots behind hook eye, for antennaes, now if desired.
8.  Tie in swiss straw for wingcase


9. Tie in and wrap 1 turn of black Estaz forward, for thorax, and tie off.



10. Fold wing case over Estaz, tie off and make a thread head.


I tie these in fluorescent orange and chartreuse 


  1. Interesting tie. I bet it gets down fast. Might have to tie up a few.

    Thanks for sharing.