Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Goofus Bug Tute

Goofus Bug Tute

better known as the Humpy
I catch smallies as well as largemouth on this one

hook; #10 7957B mustad
thread; orange
tail; deer hair
wing; calf tail upright and divided
overbody; deer hair
underbody; orange floss
hackle; coachman brown (drk ginger or brown hackle substitute)

1 clamp in hook and make a thread base along hook shank
2. cut deer hair for tail and even up tips in hair stacker.
tail length should be hook length.
a) start at bend and hold tail. loosely wrap deer hair on top of shaft to half the distance of shaft
b) trim butts than tightly wrap over deer hair back to bend. this will keep deer hair from flaring and wrapping around hook

3. tie in calf tail wing (length is same as tail) leave room for thread head.
tie in, divide and figure 8 wrap. trim butts of wing at butts of tail on shank. leave thread behind wing with a gap between

Front view after raising wing and tying in with figure 8's

4.Overbody; cut deer hair and even tips in stacker. lay hair on shaft with tips even or a little longer than tail. tie in hair behind wing leaving a gap. tie in tight so butts flare UP. wrap thread over hair to bend and trim flared butts.

5.Underbody; cut strip of orange floss and fold.
i seperated overbody from tail in this pic.
tie in floss just in front of deer hair

6. wrap forward over deer hair. wrap 1 or 2 wraps in front of wing and tie off.
bring thread behing wing.

7. pull deer hair over floss between wing. tie down tight behind wing and trim butts

8. tie in hackle feather. (use two hackle feathers if you want a more fuller fly)

9. wind hackle and tie off in front of wing
10. make thread head, whip finish and cement head.

swarm of Goofus bugs

oh almost forgot.
swarm around frog popper


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