Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Fly Patterns

My Fly Patterns
 Due to the abundance of snow, icy streams and freezing weather, in North Western Pennsylvania, I haven’t been fishing much. In reading my blogs I figured some of you might want to see instead of just hear about the flies I use. About 98% of the fly pattern I use I tie myself. About the only flies I don’t tie, that I use now and then, are articulated patterns and egg patterns.

Until the icy weather conditions warm up and the creeks return to fishable waters, I plan on showing some of the patterns I use and their ingredients. Some of the patterns I included a web page to where you can find a tutorial of how to tie the fly.

Latex Caddis(my #1 go to caddis larva/pupa when nothing is going on and i want to catch fish!!)
tutorial at;

hook; mustad c49s curved caddis #14 and #12

thread; brown*
weight; .010 lead wire
body; latex strip
thorax; brown rabbit fur*
tint; olive green or limepeel prisma color marker (optional)
note * use black thread if making thorax out of black fur

olive caddis tinted with prisma color marker

Limepeel with black thorax

DT Albino Stonefly(doesn't catch a ton of fish but will catch trout where other patterns fail)

hook; 3x curved #10 or #12 (#10 pictured)

thread; white #6
tail; two grizzly stripped hackle stems split
lead; matchstick lead cut to length.
rib; mono line 12lb of substitute
abdomen; off white. i mix white with a bit of light yellow fur dubbing
wing case; pale turkey feather section laquared
legs; grizzly hen hackle trimmed top and bottom
antennae; two wood duck flank fibers, split
thorax; same as abdomen

Kaufmann Stonefly; (great go to pattern when the stones are about or not!)

hook: #14 3X long curved

thread: black #6
underbody: .015 lead wrap
tail: black goose biot
rib: clear tippet material. (optional)
abdomen: mixture of black and brown fur dubbing
antenna: black goose biots (optional)
thorax: same as abdomen
wing sections: 2 turkey tail feather sections. laquared and trimmed
head: same as abdomen

Foam Beetle; (#1 go to terrestrial)
tute at;


hook; mustad 94838 #12 2x short
thread; black 3
shell back; black closed foam 3mm
legs: black hackle palmered 1 gauge shorter than hook gap
body wrap; maroon polycryolin or substitute
head; black closed cell foam

Goofus Bug or Humpy; (i have caught smallmouth bass, largemouth bass along with trout on this dry fly)

hook; #10 7957B mustad

thread; orange
tail; deer hair
wing; calf tail upright and divided
overbody; deer hair
underbody; orange floss
hackle; coachman brown (drk ginger or brown hackle substitute)
tute at;

a swarm of goofus bugs with my tied frog popper!

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