Thursday, December 15, 2016

Stimulator Tute

The Stimulator

Hook; #10-#14 Curved 3x long hook
Thread; Orange
Tail; Natural deer body hair
Rib; Grizzly saddle hackle palmered
Abdomen; Yellow fur
Wing; Natural deer body hair
Thorax; Sulphur orange fur
Hackle; Grizzly palmered over thorax
Head; Orange thread

My version of how I tie the Stimulator.
Note, I like to use a saddle hackle for palmering due to the fact the barbs are even length as oppose to a cape hackle.

1. Base hook shank and end base so the thread is hanging down even with the hook barb for reference.
1a. Bring thread to about 1 third behind eye as shown.

 2. Tail. Trim a bit of natural deer hair and even tips in a hair stacker. (I trim the butts some so there is less flair.)
Measure the deer hair about 2/3 the hook shank.
Hold the tail at the hook bend, where the end of the thread is on the bend.
Starting from, behind the hook eye, make a couple soft loops over the deer hair and than tighten the wraps winding back towards the bend.

2a. Trim the hair butts even behind the eye where you started the thread wraps.
Cover the deer hair with thread back to the bend.
I trim any unruly deer hair that is standing straight up from the hook shank.

3. Hackle. Tie down grizzly saddle hackle in front of tail.

 4. Abdomen. Dub abdomen with yellow fur to behind eye as shown

 5. Rib. Palmer grizzly hackle over body. Tie off, do not cut hackle, in front of body dubbing. I leave the hackle beneath the hook shank so it doesn’t interfere when I tie in the wing.

 I make a couple of wraps of thread behind the hackle and than bring thread behind the eye leaving enough room for the head.

 6. Wing. I measure it so the tips reach about ½ the tail length. Trim a bit of natural deer hair and even the tips in a hair stacker. As I did with the tail, wrap over the deer hair wing from behind the eye back toward the hackle and tie down just behind the hackle.

 6a. Trim the butts behind the eye of the hook and cover with thread wraps bringing thread behind hackle.

7. Thorax (Sulphur orange fur). Dub the thorax, with a couple of wraps behind the hackle, and than forward behind the eye leaving room for the head.

8. Palmer the thorax with a couple of wraps of the grizzly hackle, trim and tie off.

9. Head. Make head with orange thread, tie off and whip finish.


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