Monday, July 23, 2012

Katydid tute

 I happen to notice a few Katydids behind the shop the past week. I figured this might be worth adding to my terrestrial collection. I looked on the I-Net but couldn't find any patterns so, with the material I had laying around, I conjured up my own. I made a few and ended liking this one the best. Remember this was just an off-the-tying bench try with materials I happen to have.


Hook: #10 3x curved shank
Thread: Light green
Under body: Green deer hair
Rib: Barred green dry hackle
Over body: Light olive floss
Under wing: Green deer hair pulled back
Over wing: Green swiss straw tied tent style
Legs: Barred olive, shaped
Collar: Green hackle
Head: Green deer hair


1. Thread base hook shank to bend and return thread to behind eye of hook

2. Body: trim a small bundle of deer hair and even tips with stacker.
2a: Measure body from back of hook bend with tips just forward of hook eye as shown

2b: Where you pinched the deer hair, bring this to behind eye and wind 2-3 soft loops so tips don't flair up. continue to wind thread over deer hair towards rear of hook with tighter tensinsion

2c: Trim excess hair around body leaving a flaired butt.
2d: Now wind thread back up to behind eye and holding the tips tightly together with one hand, tie down deer hair just behind eye with tight wraps.

3. Bring thread back to bend and tie in barred green hackle.
4. Tie in light olive floss at hook bend
5. Body; wrap floss forward to behind eye, tie down and trim extra

6. Rib: Wind hackle over body in open wraps, tie down and trim end

7. Under wing: Fold deer hair back over body and tie down deer hair leaving a bullet head behind eye as shown.
8. Cut a section of swiss straw. open completely, fold once and trim corners as shown.

9. Over wing: Tie in the swiss straw, corners cut towards head, above and behind the bullet head tent style over under-wing. Cut to length and trim ends of wing.

10. Legs: Tie in a light olive hackle stem on each side behind bullet head.
10a. Using a pair of hemostats, pinch the leg, where you want the joint, and fold over hemostat prong tightly.

 11. Collar: Tie in barred green hackle behind head

12. Wind hackle behind head a couple of times, tie off and whip finish.

They look good with my cazy leg hopper patterns

First time I used them they caught trout and had a few curious lookers

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