Monday, January 25, 2016

Woodchuck Caddis

Woodchuck Caddis

 I very seldom deviate from tying the caddis flies I know that work in different situations and the different streams I fish. There are so many caddis in Pennsylvania that you can find them on almost every creek at least that I have fished. Different shades of elk and deer hair for the wing is the norm. With that being said every once in a while I do tie something different that I feel will work if it doesn’t take too much time to tie. I came across some woodchuck tail and looked up a pattern. I found this in my fly tying book and decided to give it a try in size #14 and #16 for this years trout fishing.

Hook; #14, #16 1X long dry fly hook
Thread; brown
Tail; Elk hair
Rib; Brown hackle, palmered
Body; Woodchuck fur
Wing Woodchuck tail
Collar; Brown hackle

 Caddis don’t have tails but that is what the pattern called for. I used dark elk hair for a tail. It says to split the fibers but the hair is pretty wiry so I didn’t bother splitting the fibers.

 I decided to use a barred brown cape hackle for the palmering rib.

 Not having woodchuck fur I supplied my own dry fly dubbing. For the size #14 body I used brown/gray dubbing. For my size #16 I decided on just brown dubbing.

  I most always trim the top of the palmered hackle of my caddis.
Notice how much space I leave behind the eye of the hook.

Woodchuck tail hair is very thick and stiff and doesn’t flair up like elk or deer hair. 

 I used the same type hackle for the collar.

 I think it turned out pretty well. I feel, with the down wing, it may appear to look like a King river caddis so the wing will be more durable. 

 Heck, I’ll give it a try this season and see if it catches some trout.



  1. That's a great looking pattern! I normally just use a standard EHC when fishing drys on a caddis hatch but I definitely like the profile of yours much better. There'll be a few of those in my dry box come Spring time, thanks!!

  2. Thanks. I posted this on a fly tying sight and i was surprised how many tyers use woodchuck patterns such as this.

  3. this is great. im using woodchuck for the first time, and I love this pattern