Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mutant Stonefly tute

i'm not one to throw attractor patterns much and would rather match the hatch. here is a stonefly pattern i developed that works for me. seems to work better during windy conditions and riffling water. easy to tie and see also.

DT'S Mutant dry Stonefly

hook; 38941 mustad 3X long #16 #14 #12 (#14 demo)
thread; black
tail; split black goose biots
wing post; white calf tail
abdomen; black polycryolin or black dry dubbing sub.
thorax; black dubbing
wing; grizzly hackle wound parachute style


Bend hook at point to tie post at

base hook shank with thread and tie in split biot tails
Bring thread forward and tie in wing post in front of shaft bend
Trim butts of post tapering towards back of hook. Wind thread in even wraps back to

Tie in doubled up polycryolin or dubbing.

Wrap polycryolin over thread with a few wraps in front of wing post

Trim poly and dub a thorax just in front of wing post to stand up straight

Tie in hackle

Wind hackle parachute style, trim and thread head


You can trim the wing post if too long
I tie these in black and brown



  1. cool fly and step by step. Great blog!! You got a new follower

  2. Nice slim profile! Do you still use this pattern when stoneflies hatch?

    1. sure do! i would rather fish dries so after years of trying traditional patterns and creating a few that didn't seem to work i ended up with this. it works better than any dry stonefly pattern i have used.

    2. I tend to favor the dries too... a whole lot actually.
      I'll tie up some in 10-16 sizes. When it comes to the small "ones", should I substitute the tail for something different? This... in cause of keeping the proportions real...
      I will guess that the tail is an important trigger ?
      A small river I fish have actually a lot of small stoneflies in it and the color theme is basically dark.
      I found a government report of the insect-life related to the water area ... and when thinking about it, dark flies in slim profiles has worked better than anything else and I will compare your simple profile stonefly to the ones that I know work well.

      It should be interesting...
      Your competitors will be superpupae and traditional black dries...

    3. around here, PA, the smaller stoneflies will hatch during the winter usually on sunny days. as the weather warms larger stoneflies will hatch. most stoneflies do not emerge in the water but crawl out to shore. fish the shoreline during stonefly hatches and you may have better success. on windy days fish them anywhere.
      the idea for my dry stonefly is one that may have got blown into the water, from shore, before completing it's cycle to an adult.
      adult stoneflies like adult caddis don't have tails that i know of. putting a short tail on them, i believe, gives balance.
      good luck and i would like to here how they work for you.~doubletaper

    4. i think a few strands of dark moose body hair will do fine for a tail on the smaller stoneflies. keep them short.

  3. Very well. I will give you some feedback later on! Thanks.