Thursday, December 1, 2011

Zonker Tute

Sometimes you look at a pattern and it looks easy. Than when you go to tie it you wonder 'How did they do that?'

Here's an easy way I tie zonkers

Zonkers for beginners

hook; streamer hook  Mustad 9671
thread; red and black
weight; lead wire .015 or .020
body; mylar tubing
tail; mylar tubing unravelled
wing; rabbit Zonker strip tied down at hook bend with red thread
than pulled forward and tied off behind eye.
hackle; soft grizzly


A. Cut a piece of mylar off and pull out center material if you buy it at a craft store.
B. Thread red thread and black thread in their own bobbins

1. Base red thread on hook shank
counter wrap lead around hook shank 8-10 turns

2. Slip mylar over hook eye and shank leaving some strands unravelled for tail. Tie down with red thread.

3. Lay rabbit strip on hook shank splitting hair where you're going to tie down at just in front of hook bend.
4. Tie down rabbit strip, knot and cut thread. (I add a little head cement to thread.)

5. Push more mylar up hook shaft, behind eye, and base your black thread behind eye
6. Tie down mylar with black thread leaving room behind eye for hackle

7. pull rabbit strip forward, over shank, and tie off behind eye leaving room for

8. Tie in hackle

9. Wind hackle a couple of turns, tie down.
Wrap a nice thread head and whip finish

Olive Zonker

White and Black Zonkers

Enjoy a beer and admire your work!


  1. Very well done, thanks for sharing. I need to tie a few of these and some buggers myself.


  2. Heh, awesome, enjoying a beer whilst I admire my work! Thanks :)

  3. always trying to show an easy way of tying. glad you guys enjoyed!!!