Thursday, February 16, 2017

Olive Scud Tute

Dave’s Olive Scud

  Fishing a limestone stream in central PA. a friend of mine gave me a similar olive scud pattern that worked well. I took his scud and tied it on a pupa hook. Here is Dave’s Olive Scud.

Hook; #16-#20 pupa hook
Thread; 6/0 BWO thread
Rib; Fl. Chartreuse small wire
Shell Back; Olive scud back. ¼” wide cut in half
Body; Golden Olive rabbit dubbing with guard hairs
Head; BWO Thread

 1. Pupa Hook #18

 2. Thread hook shank to back of bend

 3. Secure Chartreuse wire to bend
I extend wire to top of bend to add a little more weight.

4. Secure olive scud back material at bend on top of wire and bring thread behind eye of hook leaving room for head.

 5. Add dubbing loosely to thread and wrap back to bend as shown

 6. Wind more loose dubbing to behind eye of hook as shown.

 7. Bring scud back over body, secure and trim.

 8. Wind wire in open wraps, over scud back, towards front of hook.

9. Break off wire and make thread head.
Trim off any unruly guard hairs and if necessary pick out dubbing to make legs.
I add a dab of head cement on thread head.

 On #20 pupa hooks I only dub body from back to front and I use olive dubbing with guard hairs.


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