Friday, August 19, 2011

Illusion of a Fly Fisherman

Illusion of a Fly Fisherman

The illusion of tranquility lies
within the mind of the beholder
To some it is being engrossed in a telling novel
Others it’s just daydreaming of peaceful adventures

This is my illusion

Cold creek water flowing around hip boots
Forested pines shadowing over a mountain stream
Its waters glistening from the early sunrise
that finds its way through openings of boughs and needles
Crystal clear water deflects off sturdy boulders than,
into ‘Boiling falls’, it voices subtle anguish
before settling quietly in a tail out

The sweet sound of riffling water
when I listen closely
The ease of contentment
when I stop and realize my surroundings
I’m engulfed in its beauty
but still something is missing
Something unseen with the naked eye
Something hidden within the waters
I continue my quest
Searching for something
with the mystique of a fly rod
Than it happens
A gentle take
and I force the initiative
The fly rod comes alive
like the churning water before me
I think as if the ‘unseen’ relinquishes in trust
I calmly bring the ’missing something’ to hand
Though defeated it displays beauty with pride
I release it,
trust must be acknowledged!
The rainbow disappears into tranquil waters
like a rainbow into a soft blue evening sky
I continue my pursuit
knowing it only takes one
to make my adventure exceptional
Tranquility settles in

It wasn’t an illusion after all


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