Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter's Chrome

Winter’s Chrome
Chilled morning
Fleece, gloves, Yukon hat
Fly rod, cleated wading boots
Streamers, sucker spawn, nymphs
Fluorocarbon, indicators, weight,
Sling pack, cigars, camera
This is winter steelhead gear
Bare trees, patchy snow, uproots
Bank-side brush, rocks, boulders, limbs
Riffles, cascades, calm pools
Cold flowing water
Brisk wind, red hands, cold feet
No denying it

Dead drifts, big mends, slow strips
Smoke rings more pronounced that January breath
Line tugs, surface swirls, tight line
Hasty lengthy runs
Bent rod, screaming reel, tight cork grip
Chrome at the feet
This is winter steelhead fishing



  1. doubletaper - a perfect day! You forgot only the single malt or tawny port to enjoy with the cigar to celebrate the beautiful catch!


    1. Single malt would have been the tip of the iceberg. I actually forgot the flask at home, Jim Beam Black would have sufficed!