Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Teasing on the Young Womans


Teasing on the Young Womans



  After filling up with fuel in Renovo we headed to Young Womans Creek in search of trout. It was late morning when we got to our first destination. There were already midges in the chill of the air. The sun beamed down upon the surface water through the forest hardwoods and pines like light passing through stained glass windows causing patchwork on a bare freshly waxed floor. We walked down the path to the creek and looked for any rises in the shade beneath the hanging pine boughs across creek. There were none to be seen. I know the creek gets stocked with trout but every once in a while I’ll catch a wild one. We walked up along the bank and there we saw a golden trout, and a few rainbows, hanging out facing the incoming faster current. We went back to the truck and got our waders on.

  Randy started fishing for the Golden and rainbows while I skirted the cross creek shady areas with Woolly Buggers and a few dry flies. After a while I left Randy alone and headed up creek and fished my way down. In the half hour or so we spent we never got a strike.

  We took off and made a quick stop up creek. There we saw a nice size stocked rainbow holding in the middle of a narrow section of water. We snuck through the higher weeds to the creek bank. Randy tossed out a Woolly Bugger trying to get the rainbow to bite. I watched for a short while before fishing down creek a bit. Again we didn’t have any takers to what we had to offer. It was if the Young Womans wasn’t going to be friendly this morning. We got back in the vehicles and headed to the next spot.

It was like driving and stopping along the road at yard sales. We’d spend a half hour or so looking for a bargain and something worth netting. If nothing caught our fancy we’d just move on to the next sale.

The third stop was the deepest hole I ever came across on Young Womans Creek.

  I started fishing at the head of the pool where the cool water narrowed, in a shin deep riffle, along a downed limb and entered the deeper pool. Randy started casting in the middle of the deeper pool where a golden trout settled near the bottom. He said he was able to see more trout in the deeper pool.

Wham! A trout tried to surprise me by taking my offering I skirted along the downed limb. I was Jerry on the spot and set the hook quickly on the snatch. She wiggled around in the flow as I got her nearer to me and in the net. A nice looking native was my reward.


 Randy called out he missed a trout. He continued to fish the deeper pool while I continued to skirt the long downed limb in the riffling narrow section of water. I had a couple of subtle hints of a strike but couldn’t hook up. I refused to trim the bugger shorter and continued to drift the bugger along the limb. Finally I had a good take and another brookie entered the net.


  After a few more casts I wasn’t getting any bites. I just knew there had to be another along the limb. Maybe at the end before the water opened into the main body. Nothing struck at the bugger so I started to try and tease them with different approaches and offerings. It was as if I was trying to score with a bar stool young woman with come on lines.

Here I am, what’s your other two wishes?”

  I put on my best looking offering and tossed it out there like a refined gem under the golden sun. I watched my free gift drift upon the surface like a lost gem tumbling in the shallow stream of rain water along a curb. She grabbed on to it as if she didn’t want it to reach the sewer! I flicked my wrist and she was hooked. She tussled a bit, bending my rod with her writhing responses, but I played her well. She was a fine looking pick up. Kind of fancier and friskier than the others. I admired her for a moment before tossing her back in, there were more fish in the sea!!


  We made one more stop under the hot afternoon sun. The water was pretty shallow and we couldn’t see and trout or hatches. We went back to the vehicles and put street clothes on and headed back to camp.

It was a fine tease on Young Womans Creek!


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