Thursday, March 14, 2024

March Brown Nymph


March Brown Nymph Tute

1. Hook #10 or #12 3906b Mustad (1x long nymph hook)

2. Thread; Brown 6/0

3. weight. .015 lead wire

4. Tail; Pheasant tail fibers

5. Rib; Brown Thread

6. Abdomen; Amber/Seal Fur mixed dubbing

7. Wing Pad; Mottled Turkey Quill Section

8. Legs; 1 Brown Speckled Hen Feather



1. Thread base hook shank and counter wrap lead as shown

2. Secure lead with thread wraps and flatten lead with pliers

3. Tie in pheasant tail fibers, behind lead to bend, about the length of the hook shank

4. Trim Fibers and tie in brown thread behind lead at tail


5. Dub abdomen as shown

6. Wrap thread, forming rib, around abdomen to front.


7. Tie in turkey section over abdomen as shown


8. Dub thorax right in front of wing pad only, leaving room for legs

9. Tie in Speckled Hen Hackle in front of dubbing

10. Make 1 wrap of hackle, in front of dubbing, forming legs and tie off. Trim any unruly barbs under and/or beneath abdomen


11. Dub rest of thorax to behind eye leaving space to tie in wing pad.


12. Fold wing pad over thorax and tie down.

13. Trim off any ‘legs’ to your liking keeping even on both sides

Whip Finish and I add head cement to nymph head and wing pad
















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