Thursday, November 12, 2009

pics on the big N

i was fishing the big nashannock last sunday evening. there was a young woman taking pictures of me. it's not very often you get pictures taken of yourself by complete strangers, at least not i. anyhow, her and her husband were up from texas and they were visiting the area.
i thought i'd share some of the photo's she took, pretty cool!!
thanks janie

photos by janie snelson

i title these as 'why i should tuck my shirttail in while fishing' gees i could have been on the back cover of a fly fishing mag~ lol

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for being a gracious subject! The pix look better than I thought they would! (BTW, I love how you fly fisherman sign your posts!)
    By the next time you see us, I will have taken some lighting classes and your line won't be so fuzzy as you're casting it. I thought I had my settings right to catch all the action...but, oh well, they're still good!
    Did you get to look at my hunting shots? Somehow I don't have any trouble stopping action there!