Sunday, December 20, 2009

Steelhead, 'Tis the Season

`Tis the Season

I chapstick the fly line and rod eyes
to keep them from freezen
December morn, snow about
`tis the season
Icicles hang from low limb branches
at 25 degrees and
there's steelhead about
`tis the season
Bitter cold water, bitter cold feet
starts me sneeze’n
Knots difficult with fingers numb
`tis the season
The rising sun brings little warmth
but makes the scenery more appease’n
Slowly drifing patterned nymphs
`tis the season
A subtle take, rod shaft bends
reel screams, cork i'm squeezen
Fighting steel in winter's wonderland
`tis the season
The cold forgotten with the hook up
The fight rewarding and please’n
The big steel comes to earth
`tis the reason


 Big male steelhead

caught on a depth ray stonefly

                                                      Jeff's steelhead on the wintery day

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