Monday, January 18, 2010

A Hunch Before Lunch

A Hunch Before Lunch
(May 2009)

The morning long but successful
my stomach aches for food
Through the forest I walk back
in a tired and somber mood
Driving up the back road
I know where I’ll take lunch
Parking aside the empty cabin
for some reason I have a hunch
I walk through wooded saplings
across an old RR grade
Peering over the steep dirt bank
there a rainbow lay
Basking in the bright noon day sun
as if he hadn’t a care
“Could this trout be caught?” I ponder
Though fatigued, I take the dare.
To the van and my 4wt. I decide
I tie on a delicate 6x
I feel I only have one cast
The situation so perplexed
Downstream I cross a riffled run
not wanting to make wave
I climb the bank, crawl the grass
there’s no cause to be brave
I wait for just a breeze
that would riffle the surface water
‘Till then I tie on a latex caddis
as the sun beats upon me hotter
The breeze finally comes at last
I slowly slip into the wetness
I pull out line almost motionless
as my shirt fills with sweatiness
I wait patiently, now exposed
another breeze spoils the water surface
I roll cast upstream from my quarry
accurately and with purpose
The white caddis drifts realistically
a short strip puts it within sight
His slight movement with open mouth
I draw the line quickly tight
He bolts away taking line
turns and swirls with anger
I let him fight on the light tippet
I know the constant danger
He rips upstream and takes a leap
my rod straightens with the rise
Splashing and slashing in the water
I have to compromise
He bolts upstream further on
I hold the bent rod high
Line slides through my guiding fingers
with the least pressure I apply
He crosses the stream and now turns down
I strip in line with haste
Now once in front of my line of sight
he turns and we’re face to face
We leer at each other eye to eye
neither foe nor friends
He swims downstream with bully force
the line re-tensions, the rod re-bends
He runs his gauntlet, fights his fight
but learns his match he met
My stomach growls with hunger
as dinner comes to the net


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