Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Felt the Demon Today

 I Felt the Demon Today

I sit in the dentist chair, helpless, like a fish out of water.
Like a fish’s fins to it’s body,
my elbows are clinched tight against my sides,
not able to reach the dentists neck!
Though the left side of my face is numb
I feel the pulling and tugging on my #19 molar
as if being the lure trying to be dislodged
from a sunken log attached to 30lb test line!
He wrestles the tooth like an amateur
trying to release a treble hook from a smallmouth,
his hand gripped tightly on the silvery instrument pliers!
I felt the demon today and cursed him!

I try sitting still not wanting him to lose grip
and rip my lip with an errant slip.
My eyes tear up as my buttocks tightens,
I swear my butt raises off the seat with the last upward tug!
I felt the demon today and prayed to God let it be over!

The ordeal ends and I am released to go.
Gauze fills my numb cheek
like a gob of red power bait in a trout’s mouth
too big to swallow.
I walk through the waiting room
trying not to wince in pain or show weakness,
like a trout released back into the pool with his buddies
trying not to look embarrassed
for getting caught in the first place.

I pull into the drive and there’s a triangular package
up against the side door, I try to grin
but feel no facial expression on my numb face!
I slide the green cylinder rod tube out of the cardboard box.
I slip out the rod sock and untie it.
Delicately, I lay down the four pieces.
There it sets, right from Hardy & Greys Limited.
I gently piece together the 7 foot Demon rod 
and grip the 3 weight in my hand.
(I may have slobbered unknowingly)
With no pain, I felt the Demon today,
I thanked God!


 The dentist said no strenuous activity for the rest of the day so i went fishing with the new rod.

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