Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spider Webs in the Mist

Spider Webs in the Misty Morn

I greet the dawn through dreary eyes and a cup of hot tea
My senses awaken upon inhaling the crisp morning air
My skin arouses with chills, joints ache without pills
All will be forgotten with the first cast of feather and hair
Fog lies upon the silent still water
It rises in many a more turbulent place
The birds chime in, it brings a grin
to my early morn stiff bearded face
The sun beams through a foggy thick haze
Just a glow without any distinct edge
Moisture drops from leafy tree tops
and dimples below the bank side ledge
The morning mist reveals exquisite webs
upon the grass and along the iron railed bridge
I take it all in, again I grin
as a bird of prey encircles a distant ridge
Somewhere in town the world goes round
The hustle and bustle the norm
But look for me here, in serenity and fishing gear
Such a peaceable morn


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