Friday, September 10, 2010

Black Hats on the River

Black Hats on the River

A light breeze brushes against bank side tree tops
Drops of rain water fall from their leaf tips
_dimpling the smooth water below
An ant falls among the droplets
A swirl!!!
1' and 6" of 7x tippet knotted to 9 foot of 5x leader
_along with well used fly line lifts off the water
The rod tip bends and in turn
_the shallow water churns
Another fish caught
_by dry fly experience

Water splashes behind
_as the new fly rod flexes rearward
Forward, the new fly line slaps the water
_in turn an olive woolly bugger follows
It plops shy of the bank
Two friends laugh and carry on
_fishing side by side
The inexperienced short strips line
A strike is felt, rod flexes
Forth fish comes to hand
He smiles

Evening falls along the peaceful waters
Smoke takes to air from beneath black hats
River water flows as friendship shows
all is good!

                                donny's first trout on new fly rod!

another on an 'olive bugger'

one on a 'barking spider'

biggest on a 'black ant'

'black foam beetle' lover

brook trout and a good stogie

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