Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Slower Pace

 I met up with a couple of friends last sunday for some trout fishing on oil creek. Hans doesn't get to trout fish much and just got a new custom made 2wt. rod from Mill Creek Custom Rods he wanted to try out. Kevin joined us on the stream and got to toss some nymphs and dries with his Orvis Super Fine rod. I used my newly acquired bamboo rod and my new G2 Scott rod. It was a relaxing day with the creek practicaly to ourselves.
 Here is the story coming from Han's point of view.
A Slower Pace
 Eagerly wanting to try out my new 2wt I set out on my journey to Oil Creek. Upon arriving I found DoubleTaper all ready waiting in the parking lot. We BSed a little as he rummaged through boxes gathering his assortment of offerings. By now the sun was starting to climb into the sky lighting up the beautiful fall colors of the mountainside.
 We set off towards the creek as the chilly night air still lingered heavy within the valley. Standing in the stream the mist wafted as the sun continued to climb higher in the sky.

Fumbling through my assortment of flies and tying on what looked to be a good trout breakfast. I began working the moderate swift water in search of a slight tug.

By the time the mist had lifted neither of us had latched into anything more than a passing leaf or the occasional stone.
 After numerous changes I finally found an offering that was to the trouts likings.
 I set the hook as my line came to a rest in the current. A few quick shakes and the fish came into sight from the murky bottom. I had waited for some time to feel my new rod bend. After a short battle the fish was to hand, a fine first fish for this rod.

Soon after it was DT's turn to flex the new boo.

 As we worked the deep pool a familiar face appeared along the shoreline. Kevin had arrived to join us in the peaceful stream. As we stood fishing and bsed DT put on a show with the old cane stick.

 As the day wore on we moved around seeking new fish picking at a few here and there. Before we took a break for lunch I had noticed several fish rising. After grabbing a quick bite we set back out in search of some top water action. After a few tips I had managed to get the hang of slamming 4-6" creek chubs on dries.
 After a couple of clean misses on trout DT put one to hand. As the wind began to pick up we ventured back downstream to our starting point. Clouds now dimming the water, DT put another bend to his rod. However this one was differant something new from the stream. To our surprised he had pulled a nice little smallie.

We lingered around for a while longer as the sun started its decline in the sky we called it a day and headed out. My peaceful day had come to an end. As I drove home the only thing I could remember hearing was the haunting sound of the locomotive bellowing down through the creekbed and the sound trout poping bugs from the surface of the stream. A nice relaxing slower pace.  ~Hans

Hans in his fishing state of mind

 After Hans drove off back to Erie I cased my two fly rods and put away the rest of my gear. I straightened up the back of the van I've been living in for the past two days and drove out of the parking lot. Up on the bridge, over Oil Creek, I stopped to have one more look over the water.

The evening sun shined down upon the slow moving water and colorful trees that lined the creek. It was definitely a slower pace of fishing.
 A Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Maduro, for the way home, put a fitting touch to a peaceful outing with friends, fish and fall foliage! 

 Hans is a streamside guide with 'A Day Away Fishing Adventures' for steelhead fishing in Erie, PA. He grew up and lives there still. I highly recommend him if you want to enjoy a steelhead outing.

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