Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Fiberglass Fly Rods

Since I love to fish with Fiberglass fly rods occasionally, I took the time to check out The Fiberglass Manifesto Blog.
 This blog is dedicated to those who use Fiberglass Rods as well as custom Glass Rod builders and articles, etc. I had the opportunity to chat with Cameron and told him my interests and led him to my story of my last outing fishing Steelhead with my 8wt Wonderod. He enjoyed the story and highlighted it on his blog with a link to my StreamSide Tales blog. I thought that was pretty cool of him to do that.
 Some of the comments listed on his blog asked for close up pictures of my 8wt Wonderod. So I took some pictures to hopefully satisfy these requests. I also added some reels and a few links to stories that I have used these older ‘Glass’ rods.
Hope you all enjoy the pics and stories.

Wonderod 8wt. 8'6" Standard Taper
I had won this rod, a few years back, placing second in a 'One Fly C&R Competition' we have in Erie for Steelhead each year. I've tried using it for bass on local ponds but it takes a lot more efforet to cast those heavier weighted streamers or light cork poppers.
Here's a few stories of me using this rod.

(clicking on the pic enlarges it)

This is the reel that came with the rod. I never attempted to spool it and use it. It is pretty noisy and looks too new to get it dirty. I feel safer using a more modern reel for steelhead and bass.
A Noris Shakespeare #2110

This next rod is my favorite 'Glass' rod for trout. Some guy I fish with gave it to me. I occasionally use a Martin Classic MC78 with Cortland Sylk line. There are no markings on the rod to say what weight line to use but I found a 5wt. works very well.
Just a few fun times with this rod.

From tip to butt it's about 6' 8".

Martin Classic Reel #MC78

A guy I know from Kentucky, who lived here in PA. in his younger days, knew I liked Fiberglass rods and I ride a motorcycle. I had told him I pack the cycle up and go camping and fishing on occasions. He said he found this rod at a yard sale, i believe, took it home and refurbished it. He was kind enough to give it to me.
It is a Trail-Pack rod by Longfellow. It's a 6 piece rod and comes with it's own cloth lined zippered pouch.
It's about 7' 3" long.
It doesn't say what weight line to use but again a 5 weight works well with it. I couldn't find any more info on this rod but it is fun to use though piecing it together takes a little more time.


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  1. Great collection of vintage fiberglass! Glad you emailed and I will keep up with your blog. Us fiberglass types got to stick together.