Monday, May 28, 2012

Life is Good

Life is Good
It’s a great morning of being me
Wake up next to a creek with a hot cup of tea
There’s no place else I’d rather be
A weekend in the northern woods

String up my fly rod and grab my vest
Put on my ole straw hat, just in jest
All alone, no one to impress
Lite’n up a stogie, life is good

It’s a great morn to cast a line
The sun is shining and the fishen’s fine
A mountain stream to relax and unwind
Man, I’m doing alright

Standing in water up to my knees
The dry fly drifts with the gentle breeze
A fish splashes as unexpectedly as a sneeze
You know it, the line draws tight

It’s a great day of have’n some fun
In the mountains fish’n a cold creek run
Another taker, reel’n in another one
Noon time, it’s time for a beer

Make’n a sandwich to appease my appetite
Haven’t showered for the past two nights
Liven outta my van, just seems right
Time for a nap, cheers!


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