Monday, June 24, 2013

All around Perfect Weekend


All around Perfect Weekend
 The Harley’s roared then bellowed as a musical group in song. Our five cycles traveled north to meet up with two other couples that would be waiting at the Kelly Hotel for the 2nd Annual John Rogers Memorial Ride. There we assembled with like minded riders and registered for the ride. Once we were ready our small group of 7 bikes put rubber to the asphalt and headed on out under the Pennsylvania sunshine. We deviated some of the route to give the out-of-towners a more scenic ride. The beginning of the ride we traveled along the Clarion River where people were also enjoying the day. Kayaks, canoes, float tubes and swimmers dotted the water as picnic goers and walkers enjoyed the day on land.
  When the road we traveled broke away from the river we traveled within the Allegheny National Forest where blooming mountain laurel graced the forest. The route led us to a Bar and Grille in Ridgeway for a break and cold drinks. There we picked up another couple who joined our group. In Johnsonburg we turned on Bendigo Rd. which took us through the forest again on a comfortable winding road passing through Bendigo State Park. Our next stop was the Dam Inn near Wilcox. There we relaxed on the outside deck overlooking the East Branch of the Clarion River. We enjoyed cold drinks and some munchies, and I a cigar, before we were back on the road heading towards Kane.
Another deviation from the route took us to Flickerwood Wine Cellars. We got there just in time for a guided wine tour, in the basement, before sampling their very fine wines. After a few purchases we were back on the road again to complete our 130 mile excursion. Back at the Kelly Hotel we had a meal, beers and a good time with the rest of the folks. 
 We left the Kelly Hotel filled to the brim, just after the live band began to play. A few of us headed towards one of the couples camp, in the ANF, where we sat around a camp fire into the night and watched the super bright moon rise above the tree line.
The morning came with plenty of sun and warmth. After a great breakfast we headed to my place. My friend Randy had started to fly fish and I planned on taking him out to catch some trout as well as giving him some pointers.

  On the water he trusted me as I suggested and tied a dry fly to his 6x tippet though no fish were rising. I showed him what areas to cast towards and let him take it from there. With long leader and long casts he made trout rise and hooked plenty. After a good while later, as we headed back to the van, he mentioned that this was the most trout he has ever caught in one day. (He was a bait fisherman before I helped him into fly fishing.)

After we got to my house we ate pulled pork sandwiches, chips and fresh cold slices of cantaloupe. After saying our good-byes he drove off on his blue Electra Glide Classic. I sat back and finished off the day with a frozen strawberry margarita.

Un weekend perfetto



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