Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Scenic Tionesta Creek

Scenic Tionesta Creek
April 25th, 26th, 2015

 To think that on the opening day of trout fishing, April 18th,  in Pennsylvania I had my Harley packed with fishing gear and took off to fish trout waters all day. The weather was beautiful and warm. This past Sunday the weatherman said it should be up in the 50’s but it never looked promising. Besides that, wading in 42 degree water wasn’t going to warm me much even if the air temperature did hit 50 degrees with sunshine.
 I met my friend Jeff on the North Fork of Redbank Creek Saturday morning. We caught a couple trout but the bait fishermen were doing a lot better with the fresh stocked fish. We decided to go over and fish Tionesta Creek in the afternoon and also on Sunday.
 Saturday I caught a couple of trout in the section we fished but the trout just weren’t too active. Sunday we tried a couple of sections and again I caught a few on nymphs but Jeff just wasn’t having a good trout catching day. We departed and went our separate ways about 2:00pm. He was headed to Oil Creek on his way back to Pittsburgh as I figure I’d still try another section of the Tionesta Creek up stream a few miles. I did a lot better hooking up, much better than I expected to, with stoneflies and Picket Pins.
 The daily weather was as unpredictable as the trout bite. Besides being overcast and maybe 50 degrees the wind would kick up and brought along with it a gust of colder air. Standing in 42 degree creek water kept my feet practically numb as my body chilled. I kept thinking about the shrimp on crushed ice at the seafood bar at a Chinese Buffet. For some reason that had to be about the same temperature I was wading in. If it wasn’t I was catching trout, so often, in the evening I would have left a couple of hours sooner than I did. I got out of the water about 4:00pm and was heading home by 5:00. I just couldn’t take the chilled water anymore and besides I was getting worn down being that I had been fishing since 7:00am.

 Here are a few of the pictures of the scenic Tionesta Creek, trout and bald eagle I happen to get photos of.

Lynch 4/25/15
A couple brook trout

Mayburg 4/26/15

 Bald Eagle at Mayburg

Tionesta Creek up from Lynch Bridge

 Tionesta Stonefly

Tionesta Picket Pin

Tionessta 'bow' with a hook already stuck in his lip

Tionesta thirst quencher 



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  1. That warmer weather is right around the corner. Watch what you wish for though , with the last week of nice weather around here I've noticed the number of fishermen per capita increasing ten-fold....with the nice weather also comes the hordes of bluebird fishermen!