Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Trail Pack Outing

Trail Pack Outing

 It was another nice day Sunday so I took a ride over to the project area on the North Fork through Cooks Forest. I decided to take along my fiberglass Trail Pack fly rod. It fits nicely in the saddle bags.
 When I arrived in the parking area there was only one guy fishing. I wasn’t too surprised though. The water was on the low side but still very fishable. The sun was up and bright nearing 70+ degrees by then. I was assembling the 6 pieces of the rod together when the fly fisherman came to his truck. In conversation he told me he just came back from Kettle Creek and stopped before finishing his way home. How lucky? I told him I was going up this weekend. He told me about the hatches and kind of got me fired up.
 When I got to the creek it wasn’t ten minutes that went by when a hatch of small caddis appeared. There weren’t very many risers but I did manage a few on my dry caddis imitation.

 Getting frustrated that I couldn’t get any others to bite, and the caddis all but disappeared, I decided to go under water. I caught a rainbow on a wet fly before finally tying on a woolly bugger. Casting up creek into the fast water and letting it dead drift down creek I caught a couple more trout. The water was clear enough that I was able to see them turn on the bugger and kind of took a chance when they would strike being that the water was moving fast and I was fishing up creek.
 I also caught a couple of brook trout on the bugger swinging it down creek and stripping it in. 

 I noticed there were still a few risers now and then but they didn’t want anything on top. I decided to add a little weight before the caddis and swung it like a wet fly. This got me a few more strikes but I was only able to land one.

 Well, for the few hours I spent in the afternoon, under the hot sun, didn’t turn out too bad. I gave the fiberglass rod a work out and it handled the fish fine. With all the ferrules it made the rod a bit heavy but it was fun playing the trout on the flexible ‘glass’ rod.



  1. Is that second fish a tiger trout?? Looks like a brown with some odd markings from my point of view , just wondered. We don't have those anywhere around home so I've never actually encountered one, only seen em in pictures.

    1. I would say yes but I've seen some with better patterns. I'll try to dig some up for you.