Thursday, November 12, 2015

Steelhead Slam 2015

 Steelhead Slam 2015

 This past Saturday I attended the Steelhead Slam in Erie Pa. I was a volunteer that guided Veterans for steelhead fishing through Project Healing Waters. There were 30 veterans and around 30 some volunteers who guided the Vets or helped out during the event.
 The water was low and clear so catching wasn’t at its best. There weren’t many steelhead near the event locations so some of the volunteers drove some of the Vets to more productive waters on the creek. The get together was held along Elk Creek at a pavilion free of charge by the private owner. The event was catered for free by a local caterer. There were plenty of prizes and gifts for the Veterans donated by local businesses and groups. It was a wonderful time and get together.
 This was the second time this year I had the opportunity to help out. I also had guided Veterans trout fishing and steelhead fishing during other events in the past couple of years.
 Here are a few pictures I was able to obtain during the event.

All Veterans got a gift bag filled with goodies.
A Vet helping his son catch his first steelhead

These following photo's were taken and donated to this sight by Zach Wilczynski


  1. A very worthy cause...thanks for taking your personal time to help out. I think a few of our group actually participated in this as well, it might have even happened at the same campground we were staying at but I'm not sure.

  2. I'm sure you were with some of the group. Tim and Kevin come to mind. I always like to help Project Healing Waters when i can.

    1. Yep...hung with both of those guys a little over the week. As I said, a very worthy cause that I need to find the time to get involved with as well. I've tied up boxes of flies for these events to be handed out but have never shown up in person, next year maybe I'll change that.

    2. Real good cause. You'll be amazed how much these guys appreciate it.