Friday, February 27, 2009

Dad's Presence

“Watch this dad”
I thought out loud
almost loud enough for my own ears to hear
“There dad
beneath that branch”
another subtle rise appear
I strip off line
estimate distance
for I didn’t want to come up short
I wanted to again
impress my dad
he never did share my sport
Sure he taught me
and coached me ball
i have trophies on the wall
We vacationed lots
cities and beaches
hotels we stayed in all
But the wilderness
is what I longed
hunting, fishing and camp
My dad didn’t
share this interest
i learned this from my gramp
Don’t get me wrong
for I loved him
yes, loved him all the same
Though he never saw my shot
kill a deer
i shared with him my game
My dad
was busy working
his time was shared by five
I, well i
was the different one
still I never felt deprived
Back in ‘03’
the grace of God
finally touched his feeble lip
Since that time
he’s shared my passion
for he’s now with me on every trip

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