Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Hollow Stare

I select a fly of fur and quill
tie tippet to the hook
_strip line from my arbored reel

__across I take a look
A long legged blue against the shore
searching for its prey
_with its long bill, attempts to gore
but the fish, it swims away

I cast my fly, in mannered steps
before the tangled limbs
_the fly it sinks within the depth
__and drifts along its brim
A certain nudge, I take action
set the hook without despair
_my quarry, in its reaction
__leaps into the air
With butt in gut, as line i feed
I hold on tight for sure
_the fish it runs but soon recedes
__wrestling it in, first score!

The great blue fowl, watched me the while
now it stands to stare

_and me, I just smile
__he resumes as not to care
He then proceeds to his task
again he strikes in vain
_riffling water, need I say?
__his prey escapes again

I cast on out, and watch my drift
slow and steady as the norm
_again a nudge, again a lift
__again a fish air-born
Butt in gut I hold on tight
The beast its fight, a chore
_but I withstand its strength of might
__yet another score!

Now eye to eye I wink at him
and watch that great blue fowl
_his hollow stare, he opts the limb
__Me? I just smile
I cast my fly, below his eye
it sinks before him there
_my line drifts by, I set my fly
__another fish takes air

With outstretched neck and pointed bill
he spears my fish in spite
_I look on “is this for real?”
__with fish, the bird takes flight
In flight, the hook it gives way
as I stood there a stare’n
_and that’s the day I’m proud to say
__I outfished a Great Blue Heron


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