Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Skirmish of the Season

Last Skirmish of the Season

The day was long and steel weren't as plenty
Donny and Hans hooked up each
but i hadn't any
We walked downstream looking for mine
Han's spotted a darky
and i casted a line

The spawn drifted, the steelhead let it drift by
the guys walked downstream
giving up on my try
I circled behind, that dark where he lay
tied on a depth ray stone
to make my last play
In a foot or so of water, no less
from behind, i casted a loop
and drifted my best
The dark moved easy, my line drew tight
i lifted my set
and that started our fight
With anger he fought, knowing he'd been fooled
we tested each others skill
as if in combat we dueled

I called " i got'm" to my friends below
they looked up and returned
as we put on a show
I brought in the dark, right to my feet
the last skirmish was over
the season complete


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