Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reflections of East Hickory Creek

Reflections of East Hickory

The Harley stood on dropped pine needles
upon the hard dirt forest floor
Moon beams shot through the upper green firs
reflecting light off the chrome fin-tail pipes
and springer front end
I remember the day
Though the month eludes me.
Sounds of creek water running through riffles
over fallen timber, dropping into deep pools
were the background music
No rock & roll, no country
Just the harmony of nature’s sounds
as tree frogs and crickets join in
along the waters of East Hickory
Flames danced off of split logs
giving a yellow glow of my night
A bed of deep orange wood coals
radiated heat below a small cooking rack
Frying trout simmering in a small skillet
its aroma filling my surroundings
Mixed with the evergreen scent.
A half smoked stogie graces my lips
A creek cold beer
sits on a nearby rock
My tent pitched in the shadows
to protect me from the elements
After a day of cruising and fishing
this I how my evening was spent
My four piece fly rod
leaned up against a hardwood
My vest hung
on a crooked limb
Light beams reflect off of chrome
Wood crackling and flickering within the fire
beneath the full moon.
The forested campsite
The trout stream
Night time campfire
A pitched tent
Frying fish
Creek cold beer
I’ll have to return soon.


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