Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fishnets and chaps

Fishnets and Chaps

My Harley stood among Harley’s
On this fishless weekend
When not wetting a line
I party with friends

T & A and leathers
Fishless perhaps?
I was reminded frequently
by fishnets and chaps


Throughout the hot day
my thirst quenched with beer
The wet ‘T’ contest
made us all cheer
As evening approached
still, there was no lapse
of the continuous sight
of fishnets and chaps

A hand rolled cigar
and Gentleman Jack
kept me content
though fishing I lacked

The band played into darkness
as beer flowed from 12 taps
I frolicked and I partied
among fishnets and chaps
Bemused in my van
on the blanket I laid
and dreamt I was fishing
for a leather clad mermaid


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