Friday, June 25, 2010

Plan 'B' 6/19/10

Plan ‘B’ 6/19/10

“The sun was so hot I froze to death….”

Well I didn’t actually freeze but the consensus was the temp. on Saturday rose to almost 90 degrees, high humidity and no breeze to cool things off here in PA. Early Saturday Jim and I met Ken along the Clarion River to fish for trout and smallmouth later on. At around 6:15am there were already 6 bait fishermen slinging minnows where we wanted to fish. As we were contemplating a Plan ‘B’ two more bait casters showed up in the parking lot and got their gear together. We decided to head up river, way up river, to find some more desolate waters.

We ended up fishing in 49 degree water, no annoying bugs and the cool air off the cold water never had us breaking a sweat. Though there were no major hatches, trout rose all day for small midges and for some of our own deceiving patterns. Jim fished beneath and above the water where as Ken and I stuck to dry flies. We all caught some nice fish.
Here's a few pics of our all day outing;

Ken and Jim working the shady areas

Ken with a tight line

splash, it's gone

Dr. Jim in surgery mode

one of the 49 degree rainbows

another bow

a brook trout that likes beetles

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