Tuesday, July 13, 2010


 I met with Jim and Dano in North-Western PA. over the weekend. Jim said he had a dream so real, of us catching big trout, that he checked his camera for pics when he woke up before meeting with us.
 In the morning i caught about a couple a dozen dinks (trout ranging from 6" to 9") on my caddis pattern and Dano did well also. We'll just say Jim was on the wrong side of the river.
 In the afternoon and evening we engaged in some pounder's. Our reels were screamimg and our shoulder and forearm muscles got a work out. Pictures are worth a thousand words so i'll let the pics tell the rest of the story.
 All fish were caught on dries. Dano found out what Jim already knew about me. Though there may not be any major hatch or maybe only a few risers i still fish dries and make'm rise. We made them rise all right!!

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