Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two Cigars Worth

Two Cigars Worth

Winter fishing for trout is for the patient fisherman. It’s solitude at best and as pleasurable as you want to make it. For me it’s a time to gather my thoughts, puff on a good cigar and enjoy the wonderful wintry day. The fish are lethargic so as far as the catching goes it’s usually slow going, nothing to get too excited about.

 This particular winter day I only caught 2 trout just before dark after having smoked two cigars. It was about a 3 hour fishing excursion. Pure white snow covered the ground, creek banks and tree limbs. There wasn’t a boot print to be found along the banks, pure solitude! In the distance I could hear the splashing of water as it spilled over the dam wall and plunged into the water below. Surface water rippled with the downstream current flow. Occasionally waves of water would gurgle beneath ice shelves that extended off the snowy banks. Creek water faintly riffling over and between snowcapped boulders made for a pleasing harmonic tone to the otherwise quiet evening. A soft cold breeze would stir now and than to keep my body aware its winter time, warm beneath layers of clothing. My feet on the other hand are no stranger to such cold. At the end of the day they feel frozen and heavy as lead boots. It’s only after direct heat will I feel the tingling sensation that they are returning to warmer circulation.

It’s all good though. A few hours on the creek is always worth the time spent, no matter the weather or catch. A couple of trout and a couple of good cigars just make my time spent much more enjoyable.




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    1. The internet works in mysterious ways. Glad you liked the story. Stop back any time.